NUDA Spray Tan

NUDA Spray Tan

Do you dream of a tanned complexion all year round without exposing your skin to the sun? NUDA is a brand-new service for clients concerned with their appearance and skin health.

What is NUDA Spray Tan?

This airbrush tanning technique provides a temporary darkening of the skin. NUDA uses dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as its active tanning ingredient, which is derived from sugarcane or beets. This ingredient interacts with proteins and amino acids in the top layer of the skin to create the desired brown colour. DHA is the primary ingredient in all airbrush tanning solutions and self-tanning products.

Does NUDA spray tan produces a very dark or orange complexion?

Many people believe that a successful airbrush tan means a very dark complexion. NUDA advocates a natural-looking complexion and our specialists are trained to analyze your skin and suggest the appropriate shade.


NUDA’s greatest concern is to provide a natural-looking complexion, which is why their solutions have been carefully designed to give you the perfect colour. Our specialists are trained to choose the ideal intensity for your skin. Rest assured, you will never be orange!

What are the benefits of NUDA spray tanning compared to traditional tanning?

In addition to obtaining an instant result, you avoid all the harmful effects that could result from exposure to UV rays (in a tanning bed and/or outdoors). Thus, you do not expose yourself to the risk of developing skin cancer and you avoid premature aging of your skin (wrinkles, pigment spots, discolouration, etc.). Airbrush tanning allows you to obtain all the benefits of traditional tanning, but without the harmful effects. It is a fast, effective, and long-lasting solution. With NUDA, you get a beautiful complexion in minutes compared to several traditional tanning sessions for a similar result. In addition, airbrush tanning is available for people 18 years and under, who cannot visit traditional tanning salons.

How long does a tan last?

Results from airbrush tanning usually last about 10 days. How long results last depends on several factors, including your lifestyle, daily activities and how you care for your skin. Excessive sweating during sleep, frequenting places like hot tubs or saunas, taking very long baths and/or showers on a regular basis, physical activities that cause excessive sweating (e.g. spinning), exfoliation or hair removal during the result period, or lack of skin hydration can cause the result to fade more quickly. Follow the maintenance tips and instructions provided by your NUDA specialist to maximize results.

NUDA products

In addition to the NUDA airbrush tanning system, we also offer the NUDA line of products so you can maintain your tan at home. Come into the salon to ask us which products are best suited to your skin.