Nail care

Nail care in Gatineau is a pleasure that many like to enjoy. At salon 53 Karat, we work with Ongles at Cindy. Cindy and Andy will give you manicures and pedicures according to your tastes. Whether you prefer a more subdued look or you would like to splash your colors around, let yourself be seduced by our rainbow of nail colors. To make an appointment with Ongles at Cindy, call 819 319-0566.

Shellac varnish

Shellac varnish is becoming more and more popular. Known for its shine and durability, this product offers impeccable nails and long-lasting hold for 14 days. Thinking about choosing this option? Shellac varnish is your best choice for your vacation or your everyday life. With a Shellac varnish manicure or pedicure, say goodbye to touch-ups!

Acrylic nails

For very strong nails that you can wear for a long time, opt for applying acrylic nails. This type of manicure is very simple: the concept involves a malleable mixture of powder and liquid (acrylic) which is applied directly to the nail to extend it. Then, the color of your choice is applied to your nails.