Massage therapy

A massage therapy session in Gatineau maximizes relaxation and well-being, reduces tension and reduces injuries. Massage therapy or orthotherapy can relieve muscle and joint pain and restore muscles and joints to their maximum range of motion while helping to relax and improve energy levels.

Relaxation massage

Massage therapy advocates a holistic approach where the physical, psychological and cultural experience of the individual is taken into account. Its goal is to relieve and treat discomforts that can affect the body. This type of massage is suitable for everyone, from the youngest children to seniors.


Relaxation massage promotes the general balance of the system, decreases stress levels and promotes restful sleep.

Hot stone massage

Make a “hot stone, two shots”: relax and disconnect! At Salon 53 Karat, it’s possible! What could be better than feeling your body warmed by the expert hands of a therapist and the ambient heat of the stones? Treat yourself with a hot stone massage in Gatineau.


A thermal experience of Native American origin, the hot stone massage will ground you and provide extreme muscle relaxation.

The benefits

  • Disconnect from everyday life and relax the body
  • Relax muscle knots and relieve pain
  • Help the body get rid of its toxins
  • Lead to a state of deep relaxation
  • Create a sense of peace and spiritual well-being
  • Regulate blood circulation and energy flow
  • Optimize lymphatic drainage
  • Promote the rejection of lactic acid
  • Eliminate cellulite by destroying fat deposits
  • Restore and strengthen the immune system

What to expect

Volcanic stones and massage oil are the basic elements of a hot stone massage.


This massage stimulates the body by warming the muscles and, under the effect of heat, the vessels dilate and promote blood circulation. On the skin, gently polished pebbles are used to take advantage of their ability to retain heat. It even happens that some massage therapists travel the world in search of the most beautiful pebbles.


Orthotherapy, on the other hand, relieves muscle pain using therapeutic movements.

We also offer specialized massages, including:


  • hot stone massage
  • therapeutic massage
  • veterans services

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic massage consists of a range of pressures and manipulations exerted on the surface of the skin. These pressures stimulate a large number of painful elements or internal dysfunctions. Therapeutic massage allows, among other things, to release endorphins, activate blood and lymphatic circulation, improve intestinal transit, soothe muscle pain, strengthen the immune system and relieve the effects of daily stress.

The benefits

A therapeutic massage on a regular basis acts on the entire organism. It allows in particular to:


  • treat the skin surface
  • relieve muscle and joint pain
  • strengthen muscle tone
  • strengthen joints
  • optimize blood microcirculation
  • regulate the functioning of the lymphatic system, the nervous system and the digestive system
  • improve kidney and heart function
  • treat respiratory disorders
  • balance the metabolism
  • eliminate toxins that cause stress and nervousness

What to expect

Therapeutic massage in Gatineau differs from relaxing massages in its benefits for the body. This massage has the power to make you feel good and soothe your pain. It is also effective for physical and psychological problems, including hormonal disorders, anxiety, depression, overwork, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.


Athletes also benefit from therapeutic massage. They use it to improve muscle tone, tissue oxygenation and for muscle recovery.


Therapists can use tools such as vibrators, a professional vibration device, which provide relief from pain associated with spasms and bruises. A massaging product, in general, an essential oil is used for massage. We also use other massage products, including talc, creams and massage gels.


Veterans are treated with kid gloves.


At Salon 53 Karat, we want to honor and support our active and retired troops by offering treatments for veterans in Gatineau. Created for them and to meet their health and well-being needs, we are attentive to those whom we owe so much. Whether it is a relaxing massage, a therapeutic massage or a deep tissue massage, our therapists are ready to offer you several treatment options.


Salon 53 Karat has an agreement with the Blue Cross and is responsible for billing. You can therefore benefit from these massages specially designed for you without having to spend too much. Make your appointment today.