Laser and Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair

Whichever hair removal method you use today, nothing is more satisfying than a final solution. For results that stand the test of time, treat yourself to laser hair removal in Gatineau.


At 53 Karat, we studied several methods of laser hair removal so that you could be permanently free of unwanted hair. To achieve this, we use Light Sheer technology which allows us to treat all areas of the body quickly and efficiently, with minimal discomfort.


Light Shear, a device, approved by Health Canada, is regularly inspected by Clarion Medical Technologies and can effectively treat most skin types, as well as most hair colors. Regardless of the diameter and depth of the hair root, Light Sheer technology delivers impressive results.


We suggest an interval of seven to eight weeks between laser hair removal treatments. The results vary according to the color of your hair, the color of your skin as well as the regular attendance to your appointments. In general, 7 or 8 laser hair removal treatments are sufficient to permanently remove 75 to 80% of unwanted hair on a treated area.

At 53 Karat, laser hair removal technicians have received high quality accredited training. This course spans 30 hours. Our technicians have basic training in aesthetics, electrolysis, nursing or biology.


Ève Parr is the main instructor at 53 Karat. She is accredited by the insurance company Gaucher and Robert to train her staff in laser hair removal. She is also affiliated with the Estétik Laser training center in Montreal.


Laser pre-hair removal products and post-hair removal are used before and after each treatment to reduce redness and minimize swelling. We also have all the products necessary to maximize hydration and help rebalance the skin.

Laser et épilation
Laser hair removal


Peace of mind for more than 20 days

Waxing is a popular method because it allows you to go about your business for a few weeks without having to worry about unwanted hair reappearing on unwanted areas. At Salon 53 Karat in Gatineau, many clients prefer this hair removal method.


The warm wax helps to dilate the pores of the skin and therefore to pull out the hair more easily. We use the most effective products and try to reduce the pain associated with your hair removal. Warm wax is the most effective method for getting rid of unwanted hair.


It is ideal for leg, bikini, or underarm hair removal, and even for the face, unless the skin is thin and fragile.

Warm wax removes everything, even peach fuzz! Warm wax relaxes and dilates skin pores thanks to its moderate heat. Unlike hot wax, there is no risk of burns. Warm wax hair removal is the option most commonly used by professionals.


Post- and pre-waxing products are used with each treatment to reduce the effects of redness and to maximize skin hydration.