Facial treatment

Facial care in Gatineau consists of a basic cleansing or a specific treatment, performed by attentive staff, to rebalance, revitalize, regenerate and detoxify the skin as needed. All with internationally renowned products!


Give your skin a pleasant and unique moment of relaxation in 60 minutes. For younger looking, more radiant, healthy and balanced skin, consider salon 53 Karat.


A new life for your skin


At Salon 53 Karat, we use a powerful device for a treatment that thoroughly exfoliates the skin, restores radiance and stimulates the production of collagen and new cells.


Microdermabrasion in Gatineau is a practice to cleanse and regenerate the skin, reduce fine lines, repair scars, reduce pigment spots, refine pores, remove blackheads and tone the epidermis.


This treatment can be very effective in reducing the effect of irregularity on the surface of the skin. It is carried out alone or it accompanies a facial treatment. Note that the specific products used in a facial treatment will be much more effective if they are applied after a microdermabrasion.


A facial is an in-depth treatment for the face that includes different stages of cleansing and hydration.


Since there are several types of facial, it all starts with an analysis of the skin to determine the type and problem areas. The basic facial consists of a deep cleansing, exfoliation of the cells, elimination of blackheads, a stimulating massage and a mask; all to combine breathing and nutrition of skin cells. It is therefore desirable for all season changes.


Depending on the desired results, a facial can also target certain benefits, such as anti-aging, therefore stimulation of collagen and firming of tissues. Skin problems, such as acne, rosacea, sensitivity, etc. can also be treated as a short or long term cure.


The facial experience can be treating, relaxing, comforting and educational. Skin care is therefore recommended for all ages and for all skin types. For a specific anti-aging facial we use Clayton Shagal products.


Electrolysis is a hair removal process where a certified electrologist inserts a filament into the hair bulb and transmits an electric current to it. This has the effect of causing the hair to fall to the root, which hair is then removed with forceps. The electrolysis targets the hairs one by one. The advantage of electrolysis? It can be practiced on all parts of the body and for all types of hair. If your hairs are blond, white or even a pale red, you will have to proceed by electrolysis. Indeed, these hairs are not detectable during laser targeting.

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Our products are imported from Switzerland and France.


The technologies of these countries are known for their anti-aging, nourishing and revitalizing effects. You will also see correction and oxygenation effects on your facial skin. As a result you will have firm, sculpted skin no matter how old you are. To offer you a proven treatment, we use Exilis Elite technology. All of our products and technologies are approved by Health Canada.