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Face and Body Lift

Exilis Elite provides lasting and measurable results using an effective and painless protocol. With its non-invasive system, all areas of the body can be safely treated and improved. The key to effective treatment is to use high levels of energy without compromising patient comfort.


Exilis Elite offers a concept of superimposing energy at different depths through the skin. As the care is given deep under the skin, the more we will reach stubborn fats. As the treatment is given more on the surface of the skin, we reach cellulite and stimulate collagens and fibroblasts.


The Exilis Elite is the only patented device that provides intelligent impedance in real time and has won several awards as the best FDA approved cosmetic medical device. The Exilis Elite can simultaneously, in the same session, destroy fat cells, cellulite and firm up the same body area depending on the protocol and the client’s desired results.

Facelift and body lift
Facelift and body lift

Face and body rejuvenation

Our Exilis Elite device allows us to firm up any part of your body without resorting to surgery. Since it is safe for you, we mainly use this device for the face but it is also possible to use it on any other region of the body. The Exilis Elite uses radio frequency and ultrasound to break down fat and reactivate your natural collagen while lifting your skin and significantly reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Its small tip allows us to work the facial skin thoroughly, while its larger tip allows us to work on larger areas such as the neck, cleavage, arms or buttocks.

Here is a small homemade video briefly explaining our Exilis Elite device:

20 to 30 years old

30 to 40 years old

40 to 50 years old

50 years and more

The simultaneous distribution of energy from ultrasound and radio frequencies provides patients with more affordable and clinically effective treatment.

The exclusive EFC ™ (Energy Flow Control) technology allows an optimal level of power to be directed at the targeted tissues at all times: energy is monitored and adjusted in real time.

Patients report minimal or even non-existent discomfort. You can resume/start a workout or even return to work immediately after treatment.

Patients in many clinical studies have reported exceptional results in body shaping and skin tightening: visit our Before / After section for examples.