Ear and nose piercing

Whether you wish to make an appointment for yourself or for your child for ear piercing in Gatineau, it is at 53 Karat salon that you will find outstanding service with qualified professionals. We also offer nose piercing.


During this intervention, we all want to avoid two things: problems related to ear or nose piercings and poor healing.To put the odds on your side, do not get your ears pierced anywhere else! 53 karat offers you unparalleled service by professionals trained to pierce the ears and nose of people of all ages. During your appointment at 53 Karat, we will explain how we do it. In addition, you will leave with advice that will save you a lot of worry!


All our piercings are done with hypo allergenic equipment and jewelry from the American company Studex. The earrings and the jewelry or nose rings provided are made of hypoallergenic surgical steel or gold. Perfect for the most sensitive skin.


The age requirement for ear piercing is 3 months, and only with insertion techniques (no punch). For nose piercing, the age requirement is 14 years old.

  • Piercing option 14 Karat
  • More than 12 years of experience
  • Sterile jewelry and device sterilization performed in the salon
  • Made only by the owner who is a mother first and foremost
  • Painless (application of Zensa cream)


Your trust is a privilege and an honor for me.

Eve xx

Ear piercing
Perçage de nez