Anti-cellulite treatments

The anti-cellulite treatment is a painless treatment that can be practiced anywhere on the body where there are traces of cellulite. Following your treatment sessions, your skin will become super soft and smooth: like the skin of a drum! You will need about four to six treatments before you notice the benefits.

What happens during my treatment?

The anti-cellulite treatment is very similar to the fat destruction treatment. The difference lies in the depth of the treatment. For this treatment, we combine the vibrator, the Vanquish Me and finally the Exilis Elite. We always start with a short session of vibrator, which aims to dislodge cellulite while increasing your blood circulation. Thereafter, we use the Vanquish Me device to expel the fat already softened with the vibrator, which will reduce the circumference of the area to be treated. Finally, the Exilis Elite device will destroy surface cellulite and considerably firm up your skin.

Cellulite destruction – Firming

BTL CellutoneTM is a non-invasive treatment indicated for cellulite reduction and skin texture improvement and firming. This device uses therapeutic vibrations, causing a much stronger stimulation and allowing increased lymphatic drainage and blood supply to the targeted areas providing firmer, younger looking skin and improving cellulite by improving microcirculation and oxygen supply to the affected areas.

This painless, surgery-free treatment produces visible and satisfying permanent results from the first treatment. Maintenance treatments are recommended to maintain the smooth appearance.

The treatment is not restricted by a specific body mass index (BMI): everyone can benefit from it.

Complete treatment from flank to flank, which ensures great uniformity and avoids dividing lines.

No discomfort or recovery time – you can resume your daily life normally after each session.

With the largest active surface area in the industry, more fat can be removed in one session at a lower cost.